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Virtual International Field Trip
Travel the World (Virtually) with Your Students!

Take your students around the world without ever leaving home! Use the program over summer or holiday break to keep students learning all year around. Use it for credit recovery programs. Or just use it as part of your classroom activities! It starts with a passport booklet for each student – printed or digital.

You must register to receive the physical passports. Create your izzit.org account here and kickstart your journey around the world!

Email Marley at: [email protected] and tell her:

  1. How many passport booklets do you want?
  2. What subject area(s) and grade level(s) do you intend to use them with?
  3. Shipping address – please make sure you send a complete, correct shipping address!

Once you have passports, students "visit" different countries. Locate each on your globe or map. Watch the izzit.org video for each location and complete the worksheet for the country in the Travel Guide. (You download the Travel Guide. It's a fillable pdf. Give one to each student!) As the "Customs Official," you "stamp" each student's passport booklet as they complete each country.

Get creative! Have students do additional activities for the countries. Host an International Day at the end and eat foods from different countries – your activities are limited only by your imagination! izzit.org will even provide a template for you to create your own World Tour "concert" t-shirts. (Some schools have done fundraisers or secured community donors to provide students who successfully complete the program with these optional t-shirts.)

Questions? Call or email us! We're eager to help you and your students.

Virtual International Field Trip Passport – Printing Instructions:

  1. Choose Landscape.
  2. Choose Full Size (or actual size). NOT Fit to Page.
  3. Choose 2-sided printing, flip on SHORT side.

Field Trip Travel Guide
(a fillable pdf of worksheets)

Download Travel Guide